Warranty Services for Liberty Homeowners



Warranty Services

At Liberty, we don't stop caring after the sale is over. If you're a Liberty homeowner and have a question or concern, simply log into your personal Homebuyer Homepage through our Customer Care portal below and let us know how we can help.

Liberty Home Builders will require ALL service requests to be submitted via the Homebuyer Homepage. A valid email address and phone number are required for prompt service.

Access Homebuyer Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't have or can't find my login information?

At the time of your New Home Demonstration, a Warranty Service Sticker was placed on the inside of the cabinet located under your kitchen sink. Here you will find the login information to access your Homebuyer Homepage. If you're not able to locate your login information, please email us at service@libertyhomebuilders.com to retrieve your login information.

What happens once I submit my request through the Homebuyer Homepage?

Once the request is submitted and received, you will be contacted by the Construction Manager assigned to your neighborhood within 48 business hours. Please be aware that if a request is submitted over the weekend, the request will not be seen until Monday during normal business hours.

If the Construction Manager has not contacted you after 48 hours, please email us at service@libertyhomebuilders.com so that we may assist you.

What if I need immediate assistance or emergency service?

How to Obtain Emergency Service or After Hours Service:

Emergency Service is defined as:

  • Water Intrusion
  • No heat if outside temperature is below 50°F
  • No air conditioning if outside temperature is above 80°F
  • Electrical problems of a life-threatening nature that cannot be solved by turning off breaker
  • Plumbing problems which affect the main supply or drain lines

If you are experiencing any of the issues defined above, please refer to the Warranty Sticker located on the inside of the cabinet under your sink to obtain the contact information for the contractor corresponding to the problem.

What information do I need when I contact the contractor concerning an emergency?

Before calling the contractor, please have the following information to provide them:

  • Your Name
  • Street Address
  • Subdivision Name
  • Date you closed on your new home
  • Home and Work Telephone Numbers
  • Exact nature of your problem